Art Club

Art Club sessions are mostly run from 'The Sanctuary' in Belhelvie.  This is a wonderful venue - it is very relaxing and has a calming ambience - perfect for Art Club.

All current Art Club sessions are listed in my website shop -                  .                                      If you would like some more information or to share some Art CLub ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We love ART CLUB! xx

Art Club 3

Art Club has been running since Summer 2019.  It was created as a way to share my passion, inspire people to explore their artistic side and believe in themselves as unique and talented individuals!

I have run Art Club in a variety of formats depending on what people are looking for.  I have been able to offer Art Club as part of home-school tuition, an after-school club and school holiday sessions. 

These clubs are for children within the age range of 7 – 12, however I have run Art Club with children younger and older.  I fully appreciate that every child is an individual and you are most welcome to contact me to chat more about what Art Club involves and if it is suitable for your child.